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Nachi-Fujikoshi was founded in Toyoma City, Japan in 1928 based on the philosophy of “Prospective selection and Integration”. It is a worldwide manufacturer of innovative products: bearings, precision cutting tools, hydraulic equipment, machine tools, robots and high speed steel. Ever since it was first established, Nachi-Fujikoshi has been engaged in the development of product capable of responding to the needs of a diversifying market, employing the varied technical capacity the company has development over the years. Today the Nachi Group has factories in 10 countries and is comprised of 46 companies, employing over 6,000 people around the world.

Nachi Fujikoshi has a long-standing tradition of excellence in tooling and manufacturing. The company is consistently using new technology to produce new and improved products. Using a unique cutting and heat treatment in the production process, their products are created to be durable and compact and many require little to no maintenance. Nachi products are reliable and capable of working at exceptionally high speeds and offer the highest precision in the industry.


Nachi ensures the best quality by maintaining rigorous standards that are continuously monitored and improved upon. Nachi Fujikoshi was awarded the Deming Prize, the industry's most prestigious award for quality in manufacturing. Their overall quality is not the result of trying to be the best, but by committing to it.

Nachi Automobiles and Automotive Parts

  • Air-con Clutch Bearings
  • Clutch Release Bearings
  • CVJ Joint Roller Bearings
  • Double Row Angular Contact Bearings for Automotive Air-Conditioner
  • Steering Wheel Bearings
  • Transmission Bearings
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