Quick Facts on Ball Bearings

There is no way you can get things rolling without a ball bearing. Ball bearings are everywhere – in your car, bike, ceiling fans, and everywhere. These devices are designed to handle loads, eliminate friction so that the loads can be moved easily.

Here are some quick facts about ball bearings:

1. Leonardo da Vinci was thought to have…

10 Facts on Nachi Fujikoshi Bearings

Found in 1928 in Toyoma City, Nachi-Fujikoshi bearings are known throughout the world for their impressive products, especially ball bearings. The company relies on innovative technology for bringing excellence to their products. If you are planning to buy Nachi Fujikoshi bearings, take a look at these facts:

Ball Screw Support Bearing
1. The ball screw support bearings by…

Different types of ball bearings

Ball bearings come in different shapes and sizes. Each serves a different purpose. Let’s take a look at the types of ball bearings that are widely used:

1. Roller bearings
This rolling-element bearing use rollers or cylinders for maintaining the gap between the moving parts of the bearing. The main purpose of this type of bearing is to reduce…